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About Energy Choices in Michigan

Join Citizens for Energy Choice to help send a strong signal to state legislators, regulators and the governor that prompt action should be taken to eliminate the cap on electric competition. There is no cost to join.

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Join Citizens for Energy Choice.


The following citizens, individuals and businesses, have joined Citizens for Energy Choice to show their support for prompt action being taken to eliminate the cap on electric competition:

Joe Hakim
LaQuesha Dixon
Mark Kostes
Cajun Gator
Mark Rodriguez
Gail Cresswell
Jeremy Stemen
Bray Rd Diner
Collin Bell
Jessica O'Connell
Sean Gilmour
Lisa Edwards
Zeman's Bakery
Dave's Gourmet
Christine Tashman
Pamela Kimber
Alex Frein
Curragh Irish Pub
Shelby Leonard
Dean Swoffer
Nancy Swoffer
George's Coney Grill
Marlos Edwards
Pamela Young
Wounded Minnow Saloon
Patricia Spano
Michele Hirschfield
Andrew Asaro
Leanna Ross
Angelita Coffee House
DeVon George
Mitra Enterprises
Dan Beauchamp & Associates
Leslie Miller
Helen Klar
Kim Laverty
Jeannie Moss
Jim Williams
Brian Jakubczyk
Scott Bennett
Lewis Withey
Thelen Auto Group
Zumba Mexican Grille
Liliana Hintz
Ronald Hintz
Amanda Beste
Heartland Payment Systems
Suzanne Steinl
Sandra Adams
David Katterman